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Promotional Bags

Would you like to promote your company or product through a variety of promotional bags? PT. Vanlee Abadi Niaga promotional bag production with various kinds, shape yanag can be customized according to your requirement. We provide services to manufacture various types of bags at an affordable price and the number of reservations tailored to the needs, with guaranteed quality. Our price is adjusted to your budget, but still maintained its quality. Do not be tempted by low cost but low quality.

We accept orders for promo bags production for large parties and small parties. Entrusting the selection of materials for your bag products to us. You can choose different types of materials and determine the matches that we offer.

Promotional items come in different shapes, colors and sizes: backpacks, travel bags. The versatility of such marketing and sales tools should not be underestimated. Promotional bags can be seen, felt and experienced. Bags can be practical, funny or pretty enough. Promotional items represent an event, company or brand in a positive way.

We can provide your custom made and high quality promotional products on demand. Our product range is very diverse, but our specialty is in bags on request.

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