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Schools today are made all uniformed from head to toe. The belt is currently made uniform by giving the school logo on the belt / belt. PT. Vanlee Abadi Niaga is a belt production center, if you are still confused to find a place to order a belt then we are one of your precise solutions for your belt product.

We accept ordering belt production that marks the identity and logo of elementary school, junior high school, high school, and plain. We accept orders from all regions in Indonesia, both from villages and cities, and from various districts in Indonesia, with high quality service standards.

Tie Waist is a flexible rope or strap, usually made of leather or thick fabric, and worn at the waist. Belt supports pants or other clothing. One type of Special Waist is a Waist Belt Utility or Police Waist Belt, which includes a bag to carry the items that the wearer needs for quick use and a loop for hanging larger items.

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