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Promotion Wallet

Promotional wallet? What you can catch when you hear the word? Yes, really, a wallet that serves to promote a company or a product. Not a few now the party who ordered a wallet promotion company for the media in promoting a business or a company's activities.

So for you who want to order this promotion wallet for your company, can contact PT. Vanlee Abadi Niaga and do not forget to incorporate the logo and motto of your company or product as the motive in the promotion wallet.

Our stylish Travel Promotional Wallet helps your busy clients and well-traveled customers stay organized during their trips. They have IDs, passports, business cards, and more.

When you invest in these quality items, you will also invest in your own company brand exposure as every personalized travel promotional wallet can be printed specifically with your organization's name, logo or message. These products will make your clients happy as well as showing off your brand.

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