PT Vanlee Abadi Niaga


Leather Agenda

PT. Vanlee Abadi Niaga Sell Agenda Leather that can support your activities such as noting important things during meetings and writing notes to finish the job on time. Besides that we Sell Agenda Leather that can be made as souvenirs when visiting a company and pride for employees who use the agenda book that contains the logo of the company where he works. With an attractive design agenda book that you create can be the right promotional media target and can increase the image of the company.

Blank Agenda Skin triggers imagination. The Skin Agenda can be more than just everyday thinking, it can be the beginning (or continuation) of the inheritance. With a few sheets of paper and writing, your Agenda Skin becomes the door to new worlds, thoughts, and ideas. PT. Vanlee Abadi Niaga Sell Agenda Leather that can give you ideas to write on your agenda.

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